Moving Your Brand New Pine Bedroom Furniture From The Store To Your Home

Are you shopping for your new pine bedroom furniture now? Some people find this sort of furniture shopping fun. But don’t get too caught up in it. Finding and buying the perfect furniture for your bedroom is just one part of the process. The real complication begin after you lay down the cash for your new bed and wardrobe – figuring out how to get your brand new furniture from the shop to your bedroom.

You may be wondering about the fuss – “Just pay the shop to move the furniture over”, right? Even if you were buying cheap MDF furniture, or hard steel furniture, there are some issues you need to consider:

Getting your new furniture home without suffering any damageMaking sure your existing furniture does not suffer any damage

  • Getting your new furniture home

This is likely the easiest part. This is where most people glibly say, “Just pay the shop to move it home.” They would be right, up to a point. But there are some little issues you need to keep in mind: Where will the delivery guy drop off your pine bedroom furniture? Do you have a porch? Is this good enough? Or do you live in an apartment? Will they move the furniture from their truck all the way up to your apartment for you? What if you are staying in a walk-up apartment, or what if your bedroom is on the third level of the house?

Here’s another little list of “gotchas” you should also account for: Does your new furniture come assembled? If not, will the delivery guy assemble it for you? Are you buying fitted bedroom furniture? Who will do the fitting for you?

  • Making sure your existing furniture does not suffer any damage

This is something many people never ever think about. Whoever is moving the new furniture for you needs a clear path from the truck to the bedroom. Whether you paid the delivery guy extra to do it or whether you are doing it yourself, the principles are the same.

The path needs to be clear of obstructions. There must be nothing that can cause the person carrying the furniture to slip or trip. No loose edges of rugs, no children’s toys, no fallen broomstick or electrical extension cord or the like.

You also need to make sure the path is clear of anything that is easily damaged … like your crystal set, or decoration plates, or paintings, etc. Put away anything fragile that you find that is within 5 feet of the designated path. Does 5 feet of clearance seem a little excessive? Maybe. But think about it – if your bed comes disassembled, how long are the parts making up the bed frame? Is there a canopy? How high is the canopy pole? Have you ever seen the scene in the slapstick comedies where the guy carrying a long pole over his shoulder turns around and accidentally bashes someone in the face with the end of his pole? It may look funny on TV, but you won’t be laughing if this happens and your precious $5000 speaker gets knocked off its stand.

Whether you are buying quality pine bedroom furniture, or whether you are buying cheap MDF furniture, getting it moved to your home and then your bedroom can be a complicated process. It is a good idea for you to ask the furniture shop for a checklist of things you need to do. It is also a good idea to pay them for their premium delivery service, if they offer such a service.

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